How do I change my password and contact details?

Please go to Settings

How do I delete my account?

Please send an email to with Delete my account in the subject line.

I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve it?

Go to the Login page and click on the link Can't remember your password.

How old do I have to be to play the game?

The minimum age to play the game is 11.

Who can I contact if I can't find the answer to my question here?

Please send an email to with your question.

Can I register for more than one account or team?

You can register multiple accounts. Each account must be associated with a different email address. Each account can register 1 team in each of the games.

How do I play predictor?

Once you have registered a account, you may enter into a Predictor game. In a Predictor game, you submit your score predictions on which football clubs will win the listed matches.

How do I score points?

Predict correct result 10
Predict correct winning team with correct goal difference 5
Predict correct winner 2
Predict draw result with incorrect score line 2

Only published match results will be used for points scoring in the Game. If any decision is reversed from what was initially reported, we will not amend the points already applied to your Scorecard.

Is there a deadline for making my predictions?

The deadline to make a score prediction is the published kickoff time of the listed match. Once the deadline has passed, your score predictions will be locked. If you do not make and save any score predictions by the match kick-off time, you will not score points for that match.

We will keep you up to date on your score predictions by sending you regular updates on your points, current picks, non-selection, upcoming matches & deadlines.

You can enter your score predictions for each match at any time prior to the kick-off time for each match. You do not need to make your score predictions for the entire football league competition at once, you can make your score predictions week by week.

What is a joker and what does it do?

You have four Jokers for the Game each Game Month, which you may use as you wish during the Game Month. If you do not use your jokers in any Game Month you will lose them. They are not transferable from one month to the next. You will earn double points for the match fixture that you choose to use your Joker on. To use a Joker simply tick the box next to the fixture you would like to use it on.

How do I earn more jokers?

You can increase your monthly limit of 4 jokers to 5 by inviting at least 3 friends. Your friends must join the game and participate in the predictor.

How can I get Tips on making my prediction for each match?

Click the Tips button in the Tools panel on the left hand side of your score predictions page. or go to the Scorecard button in the Tools panel, select the league you want and click on the speech bubble to see the tips.

How do I find out how well my score prediction board is doing?

Click the Games Standings button in the Tools panel on the left hand side of your score predictions page.

How can I find information on a club and how it is doing in the season?

In the Scorecard or the Tips area just click on the club name or its badge. Here you will find information about:

  • the club
  • the trophies they have won
  • the performance last season and this season to date
  • the distribution of goals they have scored at home and away
  • the squad
  • the fixtures they have

Create your own Mini League

You can create your own Mini Leagues (as many as you wish) and invite your friends and family to join a Mini league You can see how you are performing against your friends by entering the Leagues section and clicking on 'My Leagues'.

What is the Ace of Clubs League?

The Ace of Clubs is a mini-league made up of fantasy team managers who support the same football club. Fantasy team managers who want to join the Ace of Clubs mini-league must update their my11 profile with their favourite football club. You can then see how you are doing in the Predictor against people who support the same club as you.

There are no prizes this season for My11 or My11Teams. It is just for fun.
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